Return Policy and Warranty

  • We only accept returns if the products have a defect in material or workmanship. We advise our customers to inspect all the products they have ordered as soon as they receive them. If there are any defects, we ask you to inform us within 10 working days of receipt.

    Please note that we will not refund you if the products are moved or forwarded to your customers.

    If any of your products have a problem or if our delivery system has received the wrong address, please email us at

    For direct deliveries of containers, you can report any problem within a period of 90 days from receipt of your order. Please retain all original packing items otherwise, additional charges may be applied for new packaging.

    Claim Process

    You must send us photos of damaged or defective items in order to process any claim.

    1ere photo: A clear photo of the package label and / or product sticker information.
    2 photo: A photo of the general product.
    3 photo: A photo of the specific damage (s) on the item (s).

    It is mandatory that all three photos be sent with your claim so that the claim is processed. Additional photos are welcome and encouraged to improve the claim.

    ** If the packaging is visibly damaged, please take clear pictures before unpacking the item.

    Please contact us for more information on the complaint process at

  • For normal use, our furniture is guaranteed for one year on construction defects. Please note that the grain of natural materials such as wood may vary and this is considered a clean characteristic and not a defect. Wood is a living natural material that can react to the humidity and drought that surrounds it, its contraction and expansion are part of its characteristics.

    The movement of wood is most often associated with fluctuations in humidity. Therefore, try to keep the relative humidity in the area of ​​your wood furniture between 30% and 40%, and avoid any sudden temperature difference.

    What is not guaranteed:
    - Small natural movements of the wood.
    - Warping of wood less than 0,6% of the width (transverse grain) of the wood surface. surface cracks smaller than 2 mm (1 / 12 ") wide, cabinetwood product deflection (resin, glue and wood pulp) fills above or below the level of the wood surface of less than 2 mm (1 / 12 ")
    - Stumps and other furniture made with planks of wood greater than 3. "Even if they are kiln-dried, there are often deep traces of moisture in these planks of wood when this moisture eventually disappears. the narrowing of the wood will cause additional cracking, since cracks in this type of part are expected, they are not considered a defect.
    - Damage caused by misuse or misuse (grease stains, oil, round of heat, use of chemical cleaning products ...)
    - All wood components used outdoors or subject to abnormal humidity or prolonged exposure to moisture.
    - Shipping damage, unless it is a packaging problem.
    - Work performed or damage caused by third party installers.